Tim Meyer
Operations Director

Tim has worked in the shipping industry for 45 years, and formed Felixstowe Agencies Ltd. with Colin in 2009.  He has  experience in all aspects of shipping, and a vast network of contacts within the industry.  Tim oversees the day-to-day operations of Felixstowe Agencies, and manages projects on-site.

Colin Gardner
Finance Director

Colin formed Felixstowe Agencies with Tim in 2009 and brought a wide range of expertise in shipping finance.  In 2012 he sold his accountancy practice, and now concentrates on the financial operations of Felixstowe Agencies.

Dave Simmons
Special Projects

Dave joined Felixstowe Agencies in 2013 and brings with him a wealth of experience in all aspects of marine operations. This gives him the ability to find solutions to problems that require an in-depth knowledge and skill rarely found in one person.